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Code Red Consultants continues to grow with the arrival of four new staff; Joshua Thomas, Matt Nicastro, Nicolas Hesel, and Madelyn Uryase. We are excited to continue to bring on new talent and look forward to introducing our newest staff to our clients and partners in the fire protection and life safety industry.

Josh thrives in a fast-paced and collaborative environment. With experience in automatic sprinkler system installation, existing fire protection system evaluation, a variety of general code consulting, integrated system testing, and special inspections, he finds value in identifying client needs and providing solutions that exceed expectations. He is drawn to the consulting industry by his passions for problem-solving and helping clients meet and exceed their goals. Josh is eager to take advantage of all learning opportunities presented to further develop himself personally and professionally, including working towards completing his Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering.

Matt appreciates working in a collaborative environment. He works primarily in the residential, academic, office, and assembly markets, working on numerous aspects of the building and development process. He is focused on bringing his understanding of the relevant codes and standards to projects and enjoys finding solutions to routine and unique challenges, providing the best possible solution for his client’s needs. Matt takes every opportunity to grow and learn, both in the office and out in the field, including continuing his education as he works towards completing his Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering.

Nica is a highly motivated consultant who is passionate about complex problem solving and decision making. He is coming off a summer internship with Code Red! His background in aerospace engineering provides a unique perspective on engineering fundamentals that apply to fire systems and science. Nicolas will primarily work within the fields of healthcare, transportation, and smoke control modeling. He enjoys critical thinking and collaborating with colleagues to provide solutions for our clients in a timely and cost saving manner. As a new consultant, Nicolas strives to continue bettering himself every day, including continuing his education in pursuit of his Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering and studying for his Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

Maddie comes to Code Red with field experience in the construction industry. Her background in Civil Engineering and construction provides a unique perspective on the design process and how these plans come to life on site. This allows her to understand the decisions made by parties involved in the construction process and potential solutions when obstacles arise. Maddie focuses her consulting efforts mostly in the residential, academic, office, and assembly markets, including accessibility code analysis. As a young consultant, Maddie is very excited to be provided with numerous learning opportunities as well as colleges she can look up to as she progresses in her career. Maddie is currently working towards completing her Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering.

Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

Code Red Consultants announces the addition of consultants Andrew Went and Jake Smith! Each may have their own unique backgrounds, but both new hires bring the same passion and dedication that our industry commands and our clients have come to expect.

Andrew joins Code Red with over 30 years of experience in the fire service, including the last 3.5 years as head of the Fire Prevention Division of the Providence, RI Fire Department. Working in that role he oversaw fire investigations, public education, inspection, code enforcement, and plan review across a wide variety of building types and occupancies including educational, industrial, nightclubs and other assemblies, business, mercantile, high-rise, and large-scale storage of gasoline, LP and LNG. He brings to Code Red the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) perspective of construction fire safety, having witnessed many fire safety failures in his career.

Jake is a motivated life safety consultant who seeks to gain as much knowledge of the fire protection industry as possible. As a result, he offers support in many services offered by Code Red Consultants including construction fire safety, firestopping special inspections, healthcare surveys, and building and life safety code consulting. Jake concurrently took classes for his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and his Master’s in Fire Protection Engineering while being a member of the wrestling team and acting as an officer in his fraternity. He is no stranger to hard work! Completing two summer internships with Code Red and another with a residential construction firm, Jake joined fulltime with an understanding of how to be successful. Jake enjoys working with others to solve unique problems in the field and in the office and is excited for the growth he will achieve while working at Code Red Consultants.

Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

As part of our culture, Code Red is always looking for new ways to play and connect. With the amount of focus that “working” often requires, it’s easy to forget to hit pause and take time to play or learn something new.

In the spirit of play, we took to the slopes at Nashoba Valley for some snow tubing, tapped into our “inner child” by participating in National Tie-Dye Day, and organized a pub-style trivia night at Code Red headquarters. As we strived to connect and give back, Code Red volunteered at the Boston Marathon’s 3.4 Mile Hydration Station. We’re also proud to share that more than half of our office became CPR and AED Certified in the spring.

Changing up our routine keeps our team energized and increases pathways to communication. Plus, when you pepper in a friendly competition as this group often does, our time together is always well spent.

We are getting 2022 off to a running start!  Code Red Consultants is excited to announce the addition of two new staff members, Sara Lyons and Sullivan Boyd.

Sara is a fire protection and life safety consultant who thrives in the quick, team-based environment at Code Red Consultants. Her background in Civil Engineering provides a unique perspective on the design process and construction management, which allows her to communicate well with parties involved in the construction process. Sara focuses her consulting efforts on general code analysis but enjoys a variety of work. The many different challenges presented in consulting is what drew her to the field. As a young consultant, Sara is excited to have the opportunity to work in the many disciplines Code Red has to offer and learn from her colleagues. Sara completed her B.S. in Civil Engineering and is on schedule to receive her M.S. in Fire Protection Engineering in May 2022.

Sullivan first joined the Code Red team as a part of our 2021 summer internship program.  He is a fire protection and life safety consultant eager to grow in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Working primarily within our field services, he enjoys that every project provides a unique challenge and opportunity to develop professional relationships. Sullivan’s background in Mechanical Engineering and previous experience in shipyard construction provides a unique perspective as to how clients and contractors interact during the construction process.  He feels that this experience allows him to better understand the nuances of communication in the field. As a young consultant, Sullivan is excited to be provided with numerous learning opportunities from his colleagues and continue to grow himself personally and professionally.  Sullivan recently completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is on schedule to receive his M.S. in Fire Protection Engineering the summer of 2022.

Having Sara and Sullivan join our growing team helps to increase our bandwidth, experience, and the continued ability to serve our valued clients.  We are excited to welcome them both to the team!

Code Red Consultants had a very busy year in 2021.  We celebrated our EIGHTH year in business and added EIGHT new team members.

“You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy.” ~ Bob Ross

Code Red not only worked hard in 2021, but we also saw the return of some traditions and added a few new ones to have fun, strengthen the team, and give back to the community.  In October, the return of the Boston Marathon brought us together at mile marker 3, where we volunteered at the BAA hydration station. October also brought the cooler weather and our creativeness shone during the annual Halloween costume contest. There was a wide variety of characters in the office that day, ranging from Hulk Hogan, Anna from Arundel, Jeff Hanson from Slapshot, Teen Wolf, Rocky, Woody from Toy Story, and Sloth from The Goonies!! In November, we gave back to the community by collecting non-perishable food items for the Veterans’ Inc. shelter in Worcester. To round out the year, we were able to come together in December to celebrate everything that was 2021 at our annual holiday gathering at Nuovo Restaurant in Worcester. It was a much-needed familiar event that afforded a night of laughter, conversations, and of course great food.

Happy New Year from all of us at Code Red; wishing you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2022!

Code Red Consultants is excited to announce the addition of Anna Correia to our growing practice. Anna first joined the Code Red team as part of our 2020 summer internship program, where she thrived in our fast-paced, collaborative environment. We were thrilled to welcome her back in June as a full time fire protection and life safety consultant. Having Anna join the team increases our technical bandwidth, experience, and ability to serve our valued clients.

Working with a variety of clients, project types, and consultants, Anna enjoys that every day presents unique challenges. Her primary focus is on residential life safety and accessibility consulting, which include apartment, condominium, dormitory, and hotel buildings. Her background in architectural engineering provides a unique perspective on how clients come to decisions during the design process, which provides invaluable perspective as she communicates with her architectural clients. As a young consultant, Anna is excited to be provided with numerous learning opportunities from her colleagues and continue to grow in her role. Anna recently completed her B.S. in Architectural Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and is on schedule to receive her M.S. in Fire Protection Engineering next summer.

Please join us in welcoming Anna aboard!


This winter break, Code Red Consultants is looking for motivated engineering students that are intrigued about learning more about career opportunities as a life safety consultant. This “Winternship” will afford students an opportunity to expand their network, strengthen their resume, and further appreciate this exciting industry. This talent development program is being offered from Monday, January 3rd – Friday, January 7th, 2022!

The Code Red Consultants Winternship is a one-week commitment, taking place at our offices in Southborough, MA. The student’s week will be filled with learning opportunities, mentoring sessions, and an introduction to sample project work. We are considering candidates pursuing technical/engineering majors in Architectural, Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Fire Protection disciplines.

During the morning session, they will receive lessons on code, design, and field services instructed by senior team members. In the afternoon, they will have the opportunity to use their knowledge gained for application on real-world projects. Our consultants will oversee project work sessions to provide technical guidance and mentoring. This opportunity will allow the candidates to have an appreciation for the attitude, desire, and aspiration it takes to be a successful life safety consultant.

The majority of our 40 person staff are alumni of WPI and are passionate to share their fire/life safety experiences with driven students that are wondering if this career may be a fit for them. We are hopeful that this commitment will afford these young professionals the opportunity to learn about this aspect of the industry. If interested or know someone who is, click the link below to inquire!


This summer, Code Red welcomes six interns to our team; Jake Smith (B.S. Environmental Engineering and ’21, M.S. Fire Protection Engineering – FPE), Anna Correia (B.S. Architectural Engineering and ’22, M.S. FPE), Rebekah Vernon (B.S. Civil Engineering and ’22, M.S. FPE), Sullivan Boyd (B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’22 M.S. FPE), Matthew Nicastro (’22, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’23 M.S. FPE) and Matthew Penkala (’21, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’23 M.S. FPE). Anna and Jake both returned for a second year. We are hopeful that this commitment will afford these young professionals the opportunity to thrive in a growing organization. To ensure a meaningful experience, each intern is paired with various members of our team, with whom they work directly in select markets and services. Throughout the summer months, these engineers are exposed to a variety of tasks ranging from on-site visits, involvement in code reports, reviews of architectural and engineering plans, attendance at client meetings, to proposal creation. By means of an internal training program, they are exposed to various service/market Teams, include Healthcare, Science & Technology, Rail, Residential, Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Design, Fire Stopping and Smoke Control Special Inspections, Construction Fire Safety, and System Commission. Whether completing office/field tasks with our consultants, attending client meetings, or attending internal events, the interns are fully immersed in our culture and actively gaining real industry experience.

As recently highlighted by Jake Smith and Anna Correia when asked about their intern experience, “The intern program has been an informative and exciting process. I have had the privilege of visiting over a dozen different construction sites for firestopping inspections and NFPA 241 walks. I have also surveyed existing buildings for accessibility compliance. In addition, I have gained knowledge in all aspects of fire protection in which CRC is involved through the CRC Academy. This information has been of great help as I complete my FPE course work at WPI while also providing a greater appreciation for the field as a whole.” Jake Smith, 2nd year intern.

“Before coming to Code Red last summer, I had no idea which part of fire protection I enjoyed and certainly didn’t know much about code consulting. During my first internship at Code Red, I was provided with a wide range of experiences, challenges, and support that confirmed my passion for fire protection engineering. I was able to get involved in residential and accessibility consulting that I found very rewarding. Separately, attending the CRC Academy for the interns allowed me to learn about all the different types of work that Code Red does. Returning for a second internship this summer, I have been able to dive in quickly and easily such that I feel quite independent while working on projects and helping the team. Code Red has provided me with the flexibility to work outside of just summers, learn a little bit about everything to decide what I like and don’t like, and to find a rewarding work-life balance. I am thankful to have been given these wonderful experiences and I am excited to continue with the program!” Anna Correia, 2nd year intern.

Code Red Consultants is excited to announce the addition of five new staff to our growing practice: Rachel Arruda, Connie Martino, Joe Ostrowski, Jason Cardinal, P.E. and Ben Seeto. With the continued growth of our team, adding resources to best streamline and drive the efficiency and quality of our deliverables for our clients continues to be a top priority for our company. These new team members help both our administrative depth and our technical knowledge, by adding project experience, and business leadership to best serve our valued clients.

Rachel brings more than 15 years of executive assistant experience, as well as a “can do, will try” attitude in her new role as office administrator.  The varying experiences in her previous roles allows her to confidently tackle anything that she is presented, whether it is managing changing priorities, learning new software, or attempting to troubleshoot a technical problem.   She has a passion for learning and will ask questions or provide improvement suggestions to streamline processes that best serve the team. Rachel provides administrative support to all Code Red staff. She is involved with many aspects of the business from general administrative responsibilities, project management, accounting, vendor relations, coordination of staff technical blogs and presentations, social media, and updating the company website. Rachel holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Southern New Hampshire. She is also the proud Mom of two boys who are in the Army. This pride and respect of our military and our veterans shines through in her volunteerism. Rachel has baked, decorated, and delivered 1,000 cupcakes to the local homeless Veteran’s shelters each Thanksgiving for the past 15 years (and counting) on top of other ways she finds to donate her time to our veterans.

Connie provides support to the Principals & Chief Operating Officer as an office administrator. In this capacity, she manages schedules, document updating, new hire onboarding, IT maintenance, and she delivers general assistance to the greater administrative team. Along with a sunny disposition, Connie brings decades of administrative experience, a strong desire to learn new skills, and an appreciation for the big picture. She enjoys working alongside the executive staff as it allows her to be in the room where decisions are made. Here, she can best realize how to apply her talents to meet company goals. With a background in Entertainment, Connie also loves to be in front of a crowd and jumps at every opportunity to chat with a client on the phone, a coworker in the cafe, or present to a group of interns. She likes connecting with people and surrounding herself with intelligent, thoughtful, results driven individuals. Connie holds a Bachelor of Music Performance in Business from UMass Lowell. Outside of work, her passion is music! She is a classically trained singer who has performed at notable venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and Symphony Hall in Boston.

Joe is a very driven fire protection consultant who is responsible for developing code compliance strategies and delivering high-quality design solutions for both new and existing structures. His evaluations address the needs of all stakeholders involved in a project. With an academic background in both chemical engineering and fire protection, Joe looks to apply his professional experience and technical knowledge relating to hazardous materials, chemical analyses, and industrial fire protection to engineer solutions. Joe has a Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. One of his favorite hobbies is photography, especially night sky and deep-space photography through a telescope.

Jay has a unique and diverse background with 20 years in the design and construction industry that allows him to excel with a wide range of clients and project types. He takes a hands-on approach to understanding building systems and working through complex issues. By appreciating the interests and viewpoints of all stakeholders, he focuses on partnering and problem solving to achieve efficient and effective results. In addition to his technical prowess, Jay’s operations and project management background allow him to provide an immediate positive impact to Code Red’s growing team. Prior to joining the firm, Jay was an Associate Principal / Senior Project Manager at WB Engineers+Consultants in Boston, MA. He is licensed as a Fire Protection Engineer and LEED AP accredited. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from WPI.

Ben is a new fire protection and life safety consultant who thrives in a collaborative environment. He enjoys applying his problem-solving skills to reach creative solutions that meet the needs of the clients. Ben is involved with numerous services such as building and life safety code consulting, smoke control special inspections, and inspection of fire stop and fire-resistant joint systems. Fascinated by the fire protection and life safety industry, he is excited to grow his knowledge and experience in the services offered at Code Red Consultants by delivering the highest quality service to all stakeholders. Ben holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering for WPI. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering.

Please join us in welcoming them aboard!

Brian Kuhn, P.E. shared the firm’s expertise in the area of mid-rise wood-over-podium construction, providing training via a webinar hosted by WoodWorks on June 3, 2020.

Podium construction—also known as pedestal or platform construction—typically includes multiple stories of wood framing over another construction style. To leverage wood’s cost efficiency, these types of buildings often maximize allowable building size limits with four or five stories of wood framing over one to three stories of steel or concrete. This webinar focused on how to achieve maximum value with podium construction and identified building code compliance and assembly detail issues commonly encountered.

The webinar recording is available for viewing here and presentation slides are posted here. WoodWorks constantly offers free webinars with an opportunity to earn CEU’s. Click here to see more of what WoodWorks has to offer!

For more information on this topic please contact Brian at