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Performance-Based Design

Building codes have historically lagged the development of new technologies and are often unable to foresee and address every possible situation within a creative architectural design. Code Red Consultants can extract requirement intent through our deep knowledge of building codes and the associated development process such that alternative means of compliance can be recognized and developed. Through the use of computer modeling, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) fire and smoke models, egress models, and finite element heat transfer models, Code Red Consultants can conduct an in-depth engineering analysis to determine if the intent of the code can be achieved by satisfying a set of engineering performance objectives established to create equivalency with prescriptive code requirements. When applied appropriately, performance-based design solutions can be used to extend travel distances, reduce structural fireproofing, and even optimize fire protection system designs. Depending on the goals of our clients, performance-based code approaches can provide additional design flexibility and/or significantly reduce construction and long-term operational costs when compared to strict adherence to prescriptive code requirements.