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Firestop Special Inspections

Code Red Consultants provides special inspections for fire-resistant penetration and joint assemblies completed in accordance with ASTM E2174, Standard Practice for On-site Inspection of Installed Firestops and ASTM E2393, Standard Practice for On-site Inspection of Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers. Code Red Consultants’ in-depth knowledge of fire and building codes, coupled with experience working with design and construction teams, allows us to provide a truly unique approach to firestop special inspections. Beyond conducting inspections, our services can include design reviews to identify any unnecessary fire-rated construction, development of QA/QC procedures for installing and tracking firestopping assemblies, and lastly, education and training programs offered to contractors and sub-contractors to provide the tools necessary to streamline the process. Our goal is to not only ensure correct installations but to also help deliver the project safely, on time, and with as little re-work as possible.