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Healthcare Specialty Consulting

Compliance with regulatory life safety requirements can be challenging and nerve-wracking. Code Red Consultants understands regulatory agency procedures and requirements and can help to provide peace of mind during your next unannounced inspection. We regularly provide Statement of Conditions (SOC) life safety assessments and prepare master life safety plans to assist our healthcare clients with maintaining compliance. We are also able to assist facilities with both on-site or virtual assistance during regulatory accreditation and state health agency surveys to improve the survey experience for our clients. Where compliance with the prescriptive requirements cannot be met, we provide cost-effective solutions through the development of waivers and Fire Safety Evaluation Systems (FSES). 

  • Building Code and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Compliance 
  • Statement of Condition Surveys 
  • Life Safety Plan Development and Maintenance 
  • Fire Safety, Evacuation and Emergency Management Planning 
  • Life Safety System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Audits
  • Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) and Temporary Life Safety Plan Development 
  • Evacuation Plan and Narrative Development 
  • Fire Door Inspections