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Smoke Control System Design

Our registered fire protection engineers can provide smoke control system designs for a wide range of system and occupancy types including: 

  • Atrium Smoke Exhaust Systems 
  • Stair Pressurization Systems 
  • Smoke Protected Assembly Seating 
  • Elevator Pressurization Systems 
  • Underground Buildings 
  • Windowless Buildings 

Using prescriptive-based calculations or performance-based design methodologies, smoke control systems designed by Code Red Consultants take into consideration not just how the system will perform on day one, but how it will be maintained such that the system will still be working in 20 years. This is achieved by clearly documenting how these life safety systems integrate with other building systems, and working with owners to benchmark system performance to avoid unintentional changes or a decline in system performance over time. 

Using CONTAM network air flow modeling or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) smoke modeling in conjunction with egress modeling, performance-based smoke control designs offer architects more design flexibility and provide owners with simpler systems to maintain. CONTAM network airflow models can provide proof of concept solutions to elevator pressurization systems that may need to work in conjunction with other smoke control systems. This will provide some assurance to owners that the system will operate as intended prior to testing the system for the first time. 

CFD smoke modeling may be used to reduce the total amount of smoke exhaust needed for a smoke control system, or it may be able to reduce the total amount of free area used to introduce makeup air into an atrium by allowing makeup air velocities faster than those limited by the prescriptive code requirements.