Means of Escape Grab Bars

For jurisdictions that adopt the 2018 Edition of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, there are new means of escape requirements for New Apartment Buildings per Chapter 30 unless specifically amended.  Grab bars are now required for all bathing fixtures including bathtubs, bathtub-shower combinations, and showers in New Apartment Buildings.   There is an exception that would allow the grab bars to be omitted if the bathing fixture is a roll-in shower with slip resistant floor.

This requirement is a means of escape requirement to ensure safe walking conditions out of a bathing fixture that has a threshold of more than ½” and flooring that is not slip resistant.  This grab bar requirement found in Chapter 30 of NFPA 101 is in addition to grab bars that may be required for accessibility compliance within the bathroom.

If you have questions on means of escape grab bars and the applicability to your project, please reach out to our office at to find out how we can assist.