Door and Gate Surfaces – 2010 ADA §404.2.10

The 2010 ADA requires swinging door and gate surfaces within 10 inches of the finish floor or ground measured vertically to have a smooth surface on the push side extending the full width of the door or gate. Parts creating horizontal or vertical joints (paneled doors, door shoes, kick plates, etc.) must be within 1/16 inch of the same plane as the rest of the door.  This requirement often creates compliance issues for paneled doors, door locks located at the bottom of the door and door hardware that run vertically along the door.

Section 404.2.10 offers the following four (4) exceptions, with Exception 2 being the most utilized for new construction and renovations.

  1. Sliding doors shall not be required to comply with §404.2.10.
  2. Tempered glass doors without stiles and having a bottom rail or shoe with the top leading edge tapered at 60 degrees minimum from the horizontal shall not be required to meet the 10 inch (255 mm) bottom smooth surface height requirement.
  3. Doors and gates that do not extend to within 10 inches (255 mm) of the finish floor or ground shall not be required to comply with §404.2.10.
  4. Existing doors and gates without smooth surfaces within 10 inches (255 mm) of the finish floor or ground shall not be required to provide smooth surfaces complying with §404.2.10 provided that if added kick plates are installed, cavities created by such kick plates are capped.

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