The Evacuation Planning Series

This blog is the second in a series on Evacuation Planning, specifically addressing egress posting requirements.  For Part 1 of the series focused on Emergency Action Plans, please see here.

In the state of Massachusetts, evacuation maps are required to be provided as a condition of building occupancy.  They are required to be posted by the owner on all floors of every building, except High Hazard, Factory, Correctional Facilities (780 CMR Section 111.5.2). In addition to the minimum per floor requirement, all rooms used as a place of assembly or as an R-l (i.e., hotel) sleeping space must include evacuation maps. Said placards are required be securely fastened to the building or structure in a readily visible place, showing exiting paths per floor.

Specifics associated with the placement, number, and composition of such evacuation maps are ultimately subject to the approval of the local building official, but are minimally recommended to include the following:

  • Illustrate a primary and secondary egress route;
  • It is recommended to orient floor plan to match;
  • Provide a “You are Here” designation;
  • Mark available “Exits”;
  • Provide a key/legend.


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