Permit Update Boston Fuel Storage

Boston has recently updated their requirements for reporting construction site fuel storage to allow for online reporting/permitting. Previously, a Boston Fire Department (BFD) General Permit was the only means to report the on-site storage of hazardous materials (oxygen, acetylene, gas, diesel, etc.) and was required to be submitted in person for approval.

Fuel storage for construction site is now required to be submitted via the online permit portal ( After logging in, the user is able to select “Fuel Storage (Temporary)”, enter the job description, and start the fuel storage details.

The following information is required:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Reason (e.g. oxygen/acetylene storage on site for ongoing welding operations on Floor 16)
  4. Site Contact (this should be the site’s FPPM)
  5. Fuel Storage Location
  6. Amounts of Fuel (summary of fuel types and quantities)
  7. If there is Propane

Once this information is completed, the final step is for the user to attach the site’s fuel storage matrix and any other pertinent information (i.e. drawings, memo’s substantiating non-conventional storage locations/arrangements, etc.).