NFPA 241 Implementation in Cambridge

Effective Sunday, January 1, 2017, the Cambridge Fire Department will begin formally enforcing requirements associated with NFPA 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations. A completed Contractor Owner Notification Document will be required to accompany all CFD permit applications in 2017. Furthermore, a unique, in-depth Construction Fire Safety Plan will also be required to accompany each building permit application for both new construction and renovations. Free access to the NFPA codes and standards can be found here:

What does this mean for you? If you plan to submit plans to the Cambridge Fire Department after January 1st then you must identify a designated FPPM specific to that project. When the project includes the stamp of a Registered Design Professional (RDP), which includes but is not limited to: modification or installation of fire protection or fire alarm systems, ground-up construction, major demolition, etc., then you must also supplement your permit submission with a Construction Fire Safety Plan which depicts your proposed fire protection and life safety mitigation throughout the life of your project.

More information can be found on the Cambridge Fire Department’s website:

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