MA Plumbing Code – Educational Staff Toilet Fixtures Q&A

Q: Are separate plumbing fixtures required to be provided for staff and student occupants in educational occupancies?

A: Yes, in accordance with 248 CMR Section 10.10(18)(h)(4):

Q: Are colleges and other higher education buildings considered as “educational” for the purposes of determining plumbing fixture requirements?

A: Yes. For the most part there is general alignment between the occupancy classifications of the building code and the plumbing code in Massachusetts. However, the classification of college buildings will vary between the two:

Plumbing Code: College, University, Higher Education are considered as “Educational” per 248 CMR Section 10.10(18)(h) & Table 1:

Note that the plumbing code classification as “Educational” in colleges is typically reserved for buildings where teaching/lecturing is occurring. For other buildings the plumbing code classifications may be in closer agreement with the building code. For example, a library would be “Assembly”, or a staff office building would be “Office”. In these instances, separate fixtures would not be expected unless teaching/lecture functions were expected.

Building Code: College, University, other Education above the 12th Grade are considered as “Group B, Business” per 780 CMR Section 304.1: