Firestopping Special Inspections in Existing Buildings

This past June we posted a blog on the significant changes to the 9th Edition of 780 CMR which is based on the 2015 International Building Code (IBC). One of these posts included a requirement for a firestopping special inspections within high-rise or risk category III or IV buildings. A link to this blog post can be found here.

Since the posting of this blog, there have questions as to how these requirements would apply to existing buildings. The answer to this question is regulated by the requirements 780 CMR 34.00, Existing Building Code of Massachusetts, which references the 2015 International Existing Building Code (IEBC). There is a fundamental requirement of 780 CMR 34 that requires both additions and alterations to existing buildings to comply with the requirements of 780 CMR for new construction. As such, an addition or renovation project in high-rise or risk category III or IV buildings that includes firestopping as part of the project work will require firestopping special inspections in accordance with 780 CMR 1705.17. The special inspections would be limited only to newly installed firestop systems. Existing-to-remain firestop systems would not fall within the scope of the firestop special inspections.

If you are in need of help on firestopping inspections in either a new or existing building, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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