Fire Department Command Post

Do you have a construction site with an active NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plan? If so, one of the many requirements contained within this standard is to designate a suitable location on the construction site as a command post. But what information and materials must be provided at this location? This is a common question we receive from general contractors throughout the region. The following is recommended to be included at the Fire Command Post of each construction site:A metal, weathertight, lockable work box that is large enough to store the applicable materials

  • A metal, weathertight, lockable work box that is large enough to store the applicable materials
    • Some fire departments prefer this box to be mounted to a fence or substantial structure (such as an office trailer), others prefer a large work box on the ground and chained/secured to a substantial object.
    • Applicable prior to completion of the Building Fire Command Center where the Command Post may be inside the structure
  • A full printed copy of an up-to-date NFPA 241 Plan for the project.
  • Laminated sheet listing names and contact information for the FPPM, Alternate FPPM, and emergency points-of-contact for the site and project. Text of the names and contact information should be at least 16-point font to provide visibility in dark or inclement conditions.
  • Laminated, up-to-date Pre Incident Fire Plan
  • Laminated typical architectural floor plans for the building (final condition is acceptable)
  • A current, updated sectional view of the building that shows the following:
    • Floors and areas accessible to the local fire department
    • Floors and areas provided with protection (temporary standpipes, sprinklers)
    • Floors and areas with impairments
  • Instructions for use of any Fire Protection or Life Safety Systems in the building (dry pressurized standpipe, smoke control systems, hoists, etc.)
  • Floor plans that identify the locations of any fire department valves and/or connections, including:
    • Fire Department Connections
    • Water Service (domestic and fire protection)
    • Floor control valves
    • Zone valves
    • Any additional valves that may inhibit water flow
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any hazardous material being stored or used on the site
  • Keys to all trailers, shanties, offices, locked site areas, hoists, and floors/areas on the site.

Have any questions on how either the Construction Projects NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plan or the Fire Department Command Post should be located and/or maintained? Feel free to reach out to for additional information.