City of Boston Temporary Generator Permitting

To fuel the progress of construction across the city, access to electrical power is needed by  General Contractors and Sub-Contractors to perform everyday operations. In some cases, access to adequate permanent electrical power is simply not achievable. Thus, your construction may be provided with a portable generator in lieu of permanent electrical power. Should this be the case, the General Contractor is required to pull a generator permit via the City of Boston Fire Prevention online portal. Specifically, this application will require the submission of both:

  • A specification sheet for the generator being used; and
  • A general site plan for the location of Fuel Storage that shows both the location of relevant equipment and the fuel storage

As a reminder, access to permit requirements and the online application portal may be found at the following link ( Additionally, the following is a list of permits that general contractors will likely need at the beginning of the project’s construction phase:

  • Construction Fire Safety Permit
  • Temporary Dumpster Permit
  • Bagging Smoke Detectors
  • Fuel Storage
  • Temporary Heat
  • Emergency Generators – temporary for the project

Both the presence and the location of these pieces of equipment must be captured with the project’s NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plan. Have any questions related to Construction Project NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plans? Feel free to reach out to for additional information.

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