BFD Hot Work Safety Certificate

Effective January 2017, the City of Boston will require any individual applying for a hot work permit to first obtain a Hot Work Safety Certificate, as detailed in the BFD Hot Work Permit Application. Additionally, all persons performing hot work on the site will also be required to possess this certificate. The certificate can be obtained by attending a hot work training class, which is conducted by instructors who have been trained by NFPA, National Fire Protection Association. Upon successful completion of the class and the follow-up exam, individuals will be provided with said Hot Work Safety Certificate.

As a result of this change, hot work permits will not be distributed to anyone who do not possess the Hot Work Safety Certificate. If individuals conducting hot work are found to not hold a current Hot Work Safety Certificate, warnings, fines, or otherwise may be levied by city inspectors per the Boston Fire Prevention Code.

The good news: NFPA has just announced new training sessions that run through January 2017 on their website. Individuals who would like to sign up for January classes can do so here:

More information on anything from the definition of hot work to the BFD-specific requirements of such can be found on the NFPA website:

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