10th Edition Updates – Tall Mass Timber

Welcome back to our 10th Edition Major Changes blog series. In this post, we will be reviewing the new code provisions for Tall Mass Timber.

The upcoming 10th edition of 780 CMR Massachusetts State Building Code (which will adopt and amend the 2021 International Building Code (IBC)) includes three new construction types that will allow mass timber construction to be used for high-rise buildings. Currently, we have worked on several mass timber projects that are occupied or under construction. We are also involved in many more that are actively in design, and have participated in several concept studies for mass timber projects ranging up to 24 stories in height.

There are many code changes related to these new types of construction throughout the code which should be reviewed in concert for a new design project. We have been posting on the topic of tall mass timber for several years; please follow the links below to recap the various insights shared:

While tall mass timber has been approved on projects in various capacities in different states, it’s important to highlight that the 10th edition of 780 CMR has not been finalized or adopted in Massachusetts and is potentially subject to further changes. Our current projection for the adoption of the 10th edition is Q2 of 2024 – see this post which outlines the overall process and timeline.

Stay connected for more Insights posts as we continue our “10th Edition Major Changes” series as part of CRC’s 10th Anniversary!


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