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Sure, we’re experts in fire protection, but how we approach our work is what really makes us different. Whether consulting, performing inspections, or designing systems, our goal is to understand our client’s objectives and advise them on a path to project success. Giving our clients peace of mind when it comes to code compliance is what we do best.


Consulting Services

With specialized knowledge in fire science and building codes, we offer clients a consulting experience that provides performance-based solutions in a world of prescriptive codes. We provide innovative and intelligent code compliance options that give clients the information necessary to make informed design decisions.


Inspection, Testing & Commissioning

We have a strong reputation for ensuring that your fire protection and life safety systems are operating properly when you need it most. Our consultants work hand-in-hand with regulatory authorities to develop a code-compliant approach tailored to the specific challenges of each project.


System Design/Review

We are pro-active thinkers and problem-solvers motivated by helping people and keeping them safe. As fire protection engineers with a unique skill set, we provide innovative engineering solutions that balance a client’s project goals with adherence to the core principles of safety and code compliance.

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