Waterside Place II

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Heading Level 02

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Boston, Mass.


23 stories



Waterside Place II

Gables Seaport is located in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts at 501 Congress Street. The 23-story apartment building is largely comprised of dwelling units, amenity areas, and accessory parking. Building amenities are largely centralized on the Third Floor which contains an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and outdoor lounge with breathtaking views of the surrounding Seaport District.

Code Red Consultants was retained by the General Contractor, Suffolk Construction Company, Inc., to provide fire protection and life safety consulting services as part of the project. Our services included the development of a NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plan to provide the Massport Fire Department with key life safety site and system information necessary in the event of a fire or other emergency. The document summarized the logistics associated with site access and active fire protection and life safety systems at the time of response. In addition, Code Red Consultants performed routine site visits over the course of construction to verify that compliance with the NFPA 241 Plan was maintained.

Code Red Consultants was also responsible for performing Smoke Control Special Inspections of the building’s two pressurized stairways. During inspection, the smoke control special inspector (SCSI) verified that the smoke control equipment and system complied with the requirements contained within the applicable codes. To achieve this, Code Red Consultants performed drawing reviews of shop submittals, participated in meetings with the design team and AHJ’s, conducted site visits to witness duct leakage testing and to review damper locations and installation, and piloted comprehensive integrated testing of the smoke control, fire alarm, fire protection systems, and electrical systems.