Wood Over Podium Webinar

Brian Kuhn, P.E. shared the firm’s expertise in the area of mid-rise wood-over-podium construction, providing training via a webinar hosted by WoodWorks on June 3, 2020.

Podium construction—also known as pedestal or platform construction—typically includes multiple stories of wood framing over another construction style. To leverage wood’s cost efficiency, these types of buildings often maximize allowable building size limits with four or five stories of wood framing over one to three stories of steel or concrete. This webinar focused on how to achieve maximum value with podium construction and identified building code compliance and assembly detail issues commonly encountered.

The webinar recording is available for viewing here and presentation slides are posted here. WoodWorks constantly offers free webinars with an opportunity to earn CEU’s. Click here to see more of what WoodWorks has to offer!

For more information on this topic please contact Brian at BKuhn@crcfire.com