Welcome Summer Interns

This summer, Code Red welcomes six interns to our team; Jake Smith (B.S. Environmental Engineering and ’21, M.S. Fire Protection Engineering – FPE), Anna Correia (B.S. Architectural Engineering and ’22, M.S. FPE), Rebekah Vernon (B.S. Civil Engineering and ’22, M.S. FPE), Sullivan Boyd (B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’22 M.S. FPE), Matthew Nicastro (’22, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’23 M.S. FPE) and Matthew Penkala (’21, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and ’23 M.S. FPE). Anna and Jake both returned for a second year. We are hopeful that this commitment will afford these young professionals the opportunity to thrive in a growing organization. To ensure a meaningful experience, each intern is paired with various members of our team, with whom they work directly in select markets and services. Throughout the summer months, these engineers are exposed to a variety of tasks ranging from on-site visits, involvement in code reports, reviews of architectural and engineering plans, attendance at client meetings, to proposal creation. By means of an internal training program, they are exposed to various service/market Teams, include Healthcare, Science & Technology, Rail, Residential, Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Design, Fire Stopping and Smoke Control Special Inspections, Construction Fire Safety, and System Commission. Whether completing office/field tasks with our consultants, attending client meetings, or attending internal events, the interns are fully immersed in our culture and actively gaining real industry experience.

As recently highlighted by Jake Smith and Anna Correia when asked about their intern experience, “The intern program has been an informative and exciting process. I have had the privilege of visiting over a dozen different construction sites for firestopping inspections and NFPA 241 walks. I have also surveyed existing buildings for accessibility compliance. In addition, I have gained knowledge in all aspects of fire protection in which CRC is involved through the CRC Academy. This information has been of great help as I complete my FPE course work at WPI while also providing a greater appreciation for the field as a whole.” Jake Smith, 2nd year intern.

“Before coming to Code Red last summer, I had no idea which part of fire protection I enjoyed and certainly didn’t know much about code consulting. During my first internship at Code Red, I was provided with a wide range of experiences, challenges, and support that confirmed my passion for fire protection engineering. I was able to get involved in residential and accessibility consulting that I found very rewarding. Separately, attending the CRC Academy for the interns allowed me to learn about all the different types of work that Code Red does. Returning for a second internship this summer, I have been able to dive in quickly and easily such that I feel quite independent while working on projects and helping the team. Code Red has provided me with the flexibility to work outside of just summers, learn a little bit about everything to decide what I like and don’t like, and to find a rewarding work-life balance. I am thankful to have been given these wonderful experiences and I am excited to continue with the program!” Anna Correia, 2nd year intern.