Want a Complimentary Code Consulting Office Hours Visit?

Similar to your college days, Code Red Consultants is now offering an Office Hours concept that puts a much-needed refresh on the typical lunchtime presentation. How would you like our consultants to come into your office for a couple of hours for some personalized code collaboration – no strings attached? Anyone on your team can sit with us to review code items on projects that we may or may not be working on. In fact, these may be pursuits that you have not secured or past projects where code compliance concerns have lingered. If this is something your team is interested in, let us know and we can put something on the calendar. Popular topics include:

  • On the spot drawing review for code compliance;
  • Code compliance scope creep in existing buildings;
  • Upcoming code change impacts;
  • Impairment planning (NFPA 241);
  • Egress strategies;
  • Compliance alternatives;
  • Toilet fixture analysis;
  • Accessibility compliance;
  • Creative approaches to floor openings;

If this is of interest to your team, please drop us a line at info@crcfire.com.