Principal Chris Lynch Appears on Mass Construction Podcast

Chris Lynch appears on the Mass Construction Show Podcast with Joe Kelly to Discuss the Increased Role of Special Inspections and the Future of Construction


Chris Lynch, Principal at Code Red Consultants, spoke with Joe Kelly on the Mass Construction Show Podcast regarding the evolving regulatory environment within the construction world and how new roles are emerging for people with niche specialties. Chris and Joe discuss how Code Red has seen continued growth in fire and life safety special inspection services and the unique job opportunities the firm has available for a construction professional looking to get into this growing field. The conversation expands to address roles associated with new technology and project delivery methods as well as the changing dynamics between an employee and employer. Click below if you’re interested – it’s worth a listen!


Are you passionate about construction, safety, and construction details, and are looking to increase your knowledge in a high-value niche market? We are looking for a self-motivated candidate who enjoys being on construction sites and is willing to dive into the world of fire protection and life safety related special inspections. Problem solver, educator, passion for code compliance… Click below if you are interested in the variety of large-scale commercial construction projects that are in need of immediate support