Introducing Senior Technical Advisors Jennifer Hoyt, P.E. and Hubert Biteau, PHD, P.E.

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Hoyt, P.E. and Hubert Biteau, PhD, P.E. to Code Red Consultants! Both Ms. Hoyt and Dr. Biteau will serve in Senior Technical Advisor Roles, expanding Code Red’s breadth of knowledge.


Prior to joining Code Red, Ms. Hoyt served as the Chief Fire Protection Engineer for the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.  Through her role, she participated in developing the current ICC-based state building code as a member of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. She provided technical support for the current NFPA 1-based state fire code and researched new and developing trends in fire protection, risk-based analysis of emerging technologies, and translation of her knowledge into applicable code language. Ms. Hoyt prepared third party reviews of architectural, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm plans for a multitude of projects and frequently attended design development meetings, site visits, and final inspections as a liaison between the design team and the local building and fire officials. In her new role, Ms. Hoyt will provide guidance on technical aspects of projects, developing education on applicable codes and emerging trends for members of the team and clients. She will also advise team members on perspectives of local enforcement agents for incorporation into comprehensive project approaches with a focus on code compliance, fire risk management, and life safety.

Dr. Biteau specializes in the evaluation of fire safety strategies for a wide range of hazards, buildings, and market types. His expertise spans across a diverse set of hazards including wildland fires, energy storage systems (ESS), hazardous material processes, and explosion and deflagration mitigation systems in accordance with NFPA 68 and 69.  He has conducted NFPA 855 risk assessments and hazard mitigation analyses for energy storage systems and has worked closely with utility companies on the implementation of a fire hazard evaluation and mitigation tool for gas transmission lines and gas transmission stations. Dr. Biteau can also lead efforts to conduct small and large-scale fire experiments based on internationally accepted standards. He can design, manage, and execute fire testing to provide critical information regarding the fire behavior of materials and material assemblies. Before joining Code Red, Dr. Biteau provided forensic services for more than 12 years, investigating the origin and causes of fires in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, evaluating the performance of fire protection systems, and evaluating the thermal behavior of appliances, as well as various consumer electronics.  He has served on a variety of NFPA Technical Committees including NFPA 88A, NFPA 285, NFPA 461, and NFPA 855.

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