Introducing Our New Team Members

Code Red Consultants is experiencing an exciting phase of growth, marked by new strategic hires across multiple teams. Notably, our Business Operations team gained two new key members: Joe Fontecchio, IT Director and Renata Katz, Marketing Manager. Joe brings a wealth of experience in driving strategic growth through cutting-edge technology solutions. Renata’s role is pivotal in propelling Code Red Consultants towards national growth through refined and impactful marketing initiatives. Additionally, we have onboarded three new Life Safety Consultants: Nick Lee, Matt Connors, and Kevin Healy. We are excited to continue to bring on new talent and look forward to introducing our newest staff to our clients and partners in the fire protection and life safety industry.

Joe Fontecchio joins Code Red Consultants as a highly respected IT Director with nearly two decades of expertise. His remarkable journey from a proactive engineer to a prominent leadership role is defined by his continuous pursuit of growth and improvement. In his career, Joe has effectively led diverse teams and spearheaded significant projects encompassing data center implementations, system architecture, networking, and cloud adoption. Renowned for his dedication to building best-in-class IT infrastructures, Joe’s leadership style is characterized by hard work, honesty, and a strong emphasis on collaborative, trust-based team dynamics. His strategic and practical insights into IT infrastructure development mark him as an influential figure in the field.

Renata Katz joins Code Red Consultants as the firm’s Marketing Manager. Renata leads the development and execution of the firm’s marketing initiatives. Before joining Code Red Consultants, Renata gained substantial experience in graphic design, web design, email marketing, and branding. Within her role, Renata uses her blend of creative flair and strategic expertise to propel business growth. She enjoys bringing her creative visions to life within the dynamic and collaborative environment at Code Red Consultants while working alongside an exceptional team.

Nick Lee joins Code Red Consultants as a dedicated Life Safety Consultant with a strong focus on helping clients achieve their project objectives. Nick leverages his background in construction management to identify problems and curate solutions through his own experiences and challenges within the industry. Nick takes advantage of all the life safety & consulting services Code Red Consultants offers, which includes construction life safety, smoke control special inspections, & NFPA 241 services. He looks forward to continuing his growth at Code Red and being a valuable resource to clients & colleagues.

Matt Connors joins Code Red Consultants as a Life Safety Consultant who excels in a fast-paced, collaborative work environment. He brings a unique perspective to Code Red Consultants with nearly 5 years of experience working in the construction industry as a site superintendent. Matts worked on a wide array of projects, ranging from condominium fit outs to commercial lab buildings. His experience on such projects allows him to readily understand the construction process and provide insight into Code Red’s many consulting & field services. He takes pride in his work and is passionate about exceeding client expectations. As a new consultant, Matt is eager to continue growing every day through new challenges and experiences, both personally and professionally.

Kevin Healy joins Code Red Consultants as a Life Safety Consultant who confidently approaches each upcoming challenge and is eager to expand his skill set. He first joined the Code Red team as an intern, which enhanced his technical skills and fostered a mindset of continuous learning. This is essential in a field that requires staying up to date on evolving codes, standards, and technologies to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety for both individuals and properties. Kevin’s problem-solving ability and background in electrical engineering and fire alarm product design position him to make a dynamic impact at Code Red and the clients we serve. Kevin uses his eagerness to learn and contribute to drive innovative solutions and advancements in fire protection engineering. Kevin’s professional focus encompasses smoke control special inspections, fire alarm system design, and fire protection system design.