Don’t forget to play!

As part of our culture, Code Red is always looking for new ways to play and connect. With the amount of focus that “working” often requires, it’s easy to forget to hit pause and take time to play or learn something new.

In the spirit of play, we took to the slopes at Nashoba Valley for some snow tubing, tapped into our “inner child” by participating in National Tie-Dye Day, and organized a pub-style trivia night at Code Red headquarters. As we strived to connect and give back, Code Red volunteered at the Boston Marathon’s 3.4 Mile Hydration Station. We’re also proud to share that more than half of our office became CPR and AED Certified in the spring.

Changing up our routine keeps our team energized and increases pathways to communication. Plus, when you pepper in a friendly competition as this group often does, our time together is always well spent.