Code Red Consultants to Speak About Smoke Control at 2013 ABX Conference

Whether you are a building owner, engineer, architect, on general contractor, some of the most stressful moments on any project happen in the weeks leading up to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. It’s a gauntlet of inspections and tests where any misstep can be costly. One of the most challenging tests is the acceptance test of a building’s smoke control system (i.e. stair and elevator pressurization, atrium smoke exhaust, etc.).

Join Code Red Consultants, WSP, Suffolk Construction Company and the Boston Fire Department for a panel discussion on the inspection, commissioning, and acceptance testing of smoke control systems. We will discuss common reasons for failure during the fire department acceptance tests, what can be done during design to avoid them, and the critical role that an experienced smoke control special inspector will serve in getting the system to pass on the first try. For a 15% discount, register online and use Promo code SDB29.