Code Red Consultants Blog: Who, What, Why, How?

Thanks for checking out our blog! Code Red Consultants is a fire protection engineering and life safety code consulting firm. We provide fire protection/life safety consulting services for a variety of commercial project types including healthcare, industrial/laboratory, transportation, residential, educational, and pretty much every other market you can think of. Check out our website for a full list of services we offer including performance-based design, smoke control special inspections, third party reviews, and even code training seminars. Our firm is led by Carl Nelson, Chris Lynch, and Nate Birmingham. We will be the ones writing the blog every week or two to discuss hot code issues, upcoming code seminars, company news, and other important insights into the industry. So check back often! Comments will be open on the blog posts so we are looking forward to your feedback or any questions you may have on a certain topic. If there’s a specific code issue you would be interested in us discussing, feel free to email us at to let us know.