3rd Annual Code Red Consultants Emerging Talent Winternship

What’s the adage – once is luck, twice is coincidence, and three times is a habit? This January, Code Red Consultants held its 3rd Annual Emerging Talent Winternship and it’s now become a habit!

This professional development program is designed for aspiring engineers and offers participants an opportunity to expand their network, strengthen their resume, and further appreciate the field of Life Safety Consulting and Fire Protection Engineering.

Participants received introductions to Code Red Consultants’ various service offerings – including code consulting, design, and field services. They received mentoring and technical guidance from our team of Consultant Engineers as they navigated through a sample building project. At the conclusion of the week, the “Winterns” presented their findings and discoveries to the office from the purview of each entity involved in the construction of the sample project building.

As part of Code Red’s objective to foster an environment of continued education, we enjoy this opportunity to share knowledge and work with the next generation of engineers!