MA Building Code 10th Edition – Update

Members of the Board of Building Regulations & Standards (BBRS) continue to work towards the statewide adoption of the 10th Edition of 780 CMR. At the BBRS Meeting on December 14th 2021, an updated timeline was reviewed and approved and includes the following milestones toward adoption:

  • April 2022 – Special hearing for general public to offer comments on draft 10th Edition (draft amendments can be found here)
  • May – June 2022 – BBRS reviews public comments for potential incorporation into 10th Edition
  • July 2022 – BBRS votes to move 780 CMR into Executive Order 562, Administrative Review Process
  • February 2023 – Administrative review process complete with approval to promulgate
  • March 2023 – BBRS takes final vote to promulgate new code and is sent to Secretary of State
  • May/June 2023 – 10th Edition promulgated

Please note that due to various parties involved, as well as complexities associated with adopting a new code that this timeline is subject to change. We will provide further updates as new information becomes available.

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