Emerging Talent Winternship


Are you a student currently enrolled in an engineering program?  Are you intrigued in career opportunities as a life safety and fire protection consultant?   If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should apply to Code Red Consultants’ (CRC) Emerging Talent “Winternship” being offered during the Winter break!  This professional development program will afford you an opportunity to expand your network, strengthen your resume, and further appreciate this exciting field.

The Code Red Consultants Emerging Talent Winternship is a one-week commitment taking place during the Winter Break at our office in Southborough, MA. Your week will be filled with learning opportunities, mentoring sessions, and an introduction to sample project work all related to the field of Life Safety Consulting and Fire Protection Engineering.

During the morning session, you will receive lessons on code, design, and field services instructed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute & University of New Haven alumni.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to use the new knowledge gained in the lessons and apply it to real-world projects. Our Consultants will oversee project work sessions to provide technical guidance and mentoring. Throughout the week, professional development services on resume writing, interviewing and reviewing job offers will also be offered.

**This is an unpaid opportunity. Catered lunch will be provided.**

The majority of our 40+ person staff are passionate Fire Protection Engineers excited to share their experiences with driven students who are wondering if this career may be a fit for them.  If interested, please click the link below to inquire!

Kindly let us know:

  1. What is your undergraduate graduation date and at which University? Resume’s welcome.
  2. What is your major(s)?
  3. Are you are interested in Fire Protection Engineering or Life Safety Consulting? Please explain what drives your interest.
  4. Are you currently enrolled in or plan to enroll in an FPE program (answering no does not disqualify your candidacy)?
  5. Are you available Jan 3-6, 2023?

Answer Questions 1-5 Above & Email Your Resume